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Through our travel we take a souvenir from places we visit, for a short or long time, to stay with us as a reminder of a place that gave us joy.
The design concept for this collection is to gather what attracts and charm our eyes, in different countries, culture and lifestyle. And transform it into furniture of a unique character for each memory. Like the traveler around the world through enchanting images, we want to make people walk around and feel that they’ve already visited every area we’ve been inspired our piece from, all in one place .So we designed three pieces inspired from India, Yemen and South Africa.

India. Jaipur
This beautiful place was constructed 450 y ago. The place was mainly utilized as a place of social meetings, or an evening chit chat spot for Jaipur locals. People also come here for getting water, and swimming. The main attraction of the step well is its symmetrical step walls. The stairs are in zigzag geometrical pattern which is charming.

Dimension. W 47 x D 32 x H 46 cm
Material. Colored Acrylic.
Year: 2018 -Downtown Editions – Dubai Design Week
Production Time. 5- 6Weeks


Dimensions 47 × 32 × 46 cm

Yellow, Peach, Light Green, Pink